About Our Mixed-Age Zoom Classes

We are committed to high-touch, interactive, educationally appropriate music immersion and will continue to provide quality music experiences for you and your family, whether in-person or online. At Music Together, we help children develop a solid foundation for life-long music-making! And what we're learning is that this is true whether we're singing and dancing in person or on Zoom!

What?! Zoom for littles?!

We don't expect (or even want) the littles to be watching the screen the whole time. We are there to facilitate musical play between you and your child. And, just as in a regular Music Together of Decatur class, your child's responses will depend on his/her learning style and temperament as well as his/her age and developmental stage. Some kids might follow the teacher right away, others will stay close to Mom or Dad, observing or listening. Others will be stimulated by the music and respond more actively, running, jumping, or dancing. Some might toddle around, exploring other things in the room. All are perfectly natural responses to the musically rich environment we're creating. Most importantly, we encourage the grownups to stick with it-- even if they find themselves tapping their laps alone in front of the TV. No matter where your child is in the room, he/she will take note of your enthusiastic participation and (over time, if not right away) want to be a part of it. The best thing you can do is model by singing and dancing along with us. Simply by participating enthusiastically during class and playing musically throughout the week, you'll give your child everything he/she needs to become a life-long music maker.

*You will be enrolled in your first choice of classes unless otherwise notified. If you are unable to attend your second choice of classes, please indicate that in the comments section.*

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Zoom Music Class (2 Seats Left) Wednesday 4:15 PM 03/31/21 Zoom 9 weeks Ms.Beth Register

Rhythm Kids Online (Pre-K - 2nd Grade) Thursday 3:45 PM 04/08/21 Zoom 9 weeks Ms.Jelena Register

Rhythm Kids Online (Pre-K - 2nd Grade) Saturday 9:00 AM 04/10/21 Zoom 9 weeks Ms.Briana Register

Please note that classes that have not met minimum enrollment by March 22nd will be canceled.