Virtual Mommy Meetups


Enroll with your friends or family and enjoy a Mommy Meetup together after each class!

Don't know other families with newborns? Let us know that you'd like to try a virtual Mommy Meetup with someone in the same boat and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Whether with friends, family, or friends-to-be, we'll pop you into a virtual room (reserved for you and one or more families from your class) to give you extra time to connect with people outside of your home.

"I can't rave about my mom group enough or convey how important it's been in supporting me while raising my daughter, but I don't think we would've been able to establish the lasting relationships we have now had we not continued building on these relationships through the Babies Music Together Class. There was something magical about linking those two experiences, beginning with my first mom group and continuing with Music Together of Decatur. It would make me so happy to know that every new mom had the same kind of support and continuity!" - A.M., Music Together of Decatur Mom

"Music Together of Decatur gave me a set time to [have contact with people outside our home] that was meaningful for me and my baby. I think for the moms that truly crave the routine and camaraderie, Music Together is a perfect fit. And the babies love it!!!!!!" -L.H., Music Together of Decatur Mom

1. Learn more about our interactive music classes for new parents and register here.

2. After you register for class, just let us know who you'd like to have in your Meetup by using this form. (Only one form is needed per group.)